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Well, ever asked yourself how Majimbo sprouted from just a mere nobody to being ‘The eminent Hollywood Majimbo’?

Content creation has risen and changed enormously over the past few years, till date, content creators are quickly emerging to being ‘gods of the streets.’ During the Global Covid19 pandemic, social media penetrated society and now more than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves creators a name that encompasses multiple versions of creativity.

Elsa Majimbo, or preferably, ‘the girl next door who got global’ is now a global Internet Sensation who has not only lit up people’s lives with her comic value but also a now Hollywood model not to mention becoming an International Icon making it in Forbes 30 under 30 list.

According to Majimbo, your own success depends on your IP, which is basically something of value or an asset which is created from an original idea where freely sharing might not be caring. A set of rules governing the format of data sent via the Internet, It is an identifier that allows information to be sent between devices on the network, thus enabling the creator to positively benefit from the shares of their content.

Speaking to Forbes Women Magazine, the global star highlighted the strategic move behind her success.

“Owning your own IP just generally makes you more money, and so many people drown because they don’t have the IP,” explains Majimbo, “musicians, even people with reality shows, and I never want to be in that space. So I wouldn’t compromise my happiness for a few dollars now, when I can secure a really big bag, later.”

Elsa goes ahead to explain how meeting up with her manager Mohamed (Mo) Kheir led to a collaboration which led to a unique connection before they even met personally.

“Having someone grab away from me and have the power to own my creativity, or tell me what I can and can’t do? That’s a red line. For me, it’s the deal-breaker, it’s the one thing I don’t compromise on,” explained the now Hollywood star, “And also owning your own IP just generally makes you more money.”

“It’s almost unheard of for a comedian to rise in the speed that Elsa has, but then to also land the couture collaboration, of which we retained the IP ownership,” explains Mo, “it’s unprecedented for a comedian to do that in the period of less than a year, it’s important for Elsa to have ownership in everything she has hand in development. You don’t build a legacy on rented land.”

The now Global phenomenon explains how they had similar interests with her manager,

“Mo was clearly a fan who saw me the way I saw myself, not just for where I was, but where I could be. He was strategic like me, we set huge goals and achieved them in a matter of months,” explained Majimbo, “then set even bigger ones, and we are now surpassing those as well.”

Majimbo went ahead to uplift herself to greater heights by actually terming herself as an Icon, according to her mantra which goes by,

“Chance favours the prepared mind, and opportunity favours the bold, Because I have this opportunity and so many people would say it’s luck, but I believe there is a very thin line between luck and opportunity,” continues Majimbo, “You also need to know where your head is at and I feel like you also need to carry yourself with some type of humility.”

Well, the main roots of her success are majorly owning her IP and surrounding herself with the right people as people who act as her support system, focusing on creating a global platform and owning her own narrative and its future results.

By: Its-Gatwiri.


Kwani Pesa Will Keep You Warm at Night~ Habida Shares the Reason Why Having Men is a Must



Kenyan actress, musician and writer Habida has opened up and revealed the reason as to why having a man is a must.

Speaking during an interview with our very own Journalist Silva Kido, she said that as far as it is not a necessity to many, having a man in their life is essential because they might need one in the long run as it is always that way that a woman has to have a man in the long run so that they help each other in making life easier and bearable.

“You definitely need a man to go through life with, that’s how we were created man woman…all these women who are saying I don’t need a man are lying.” Habida said.

According to her, All women claiming they can stand alone are completely lying and there’s no such thing that they are well off, She believes all women need men for companionship as well as help in providing for their needs.

She also shared her perception about marriage, hinting that as far as marriage isn’t easy and one should persevere, it doesn’t mean that one should stay in a toxic kind of relationship or marriage that isn’t contributing to their happiness.

She advised women to not have second thoughts about exiting a toxic marriage, especially one that they have tried all they can and has failed.

“One thing I’ll say is take care of yourself……. Us we were taught in our time kuvumilia…. But things I’ve changed… Men have changed and what women suffer is a bit crazy, so obviously don’t stay anywhere where there’s trauma.

But also don’t go too quick to give you have to make sure you’ve done everything you can so that Ukitoka hapo…….”

She also explained that divorces are not only happening on top celebrities and artists alone they are everywhere and the reason as to why they are not being recognized is because for the public they are not being watched by the camera and posted for anyone to see but indeed people are partying ways way more than even the celebrities are.

This year recorded quite a number of top Kenyan influencers and celebrities breaking up out of different reasons, and that doesn’t look to have been the end of it.

She called out to the Kenyan influencers, urging them to not post everything that happens in their life on social media because of the number of people who are looking up to them, she feels like what the celebrities post on their pages truly influence other people’s life either positively or negatively urging them to be considerate.

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How To Know If You Are in a Situationship



The majority are still trying to understand what friends with benefits entail as well as how they can describe a scenario in which they are in a dating situation.

We can break down the meaning of the word situationship as a romantic relationship that is undefined or not.It’s where two people are more than friends and are even physically intimate but are not really in a committed relationship, and they don’t impose any expectations on each other.

They can be long-term or short-term ones; although others prefer being in them, they fear being in a commitment. Some people might choose to be in a situational relationship out of a desire for emotional or physical intimacy without expecting to give out anything in return; many like to refer to it as safeguarding one’s interests, especially when it comes to feelings.

We can scale it down to understanding that relationships are typically more serious and involve a commitment to each other, whereas situations are more casual, ambiguous, and lack a clear direction for where they’re headed.

Below are some of the headlines that will let you know you are in a situation:

Avoidance of Labels
It’s actually a common practice. If you don’t like calling each other romantic names, then your relationship is not ideal, and it comes down to saying you are not seriously dating.

If you’ve been going out for several months now but your partner still avoids talking about your relationship status every time you bring it up, it could be a sign that he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you.

Your partner is not exclusive to you.
Since situational relationships are not clearly defined, it’s common for partners to be engaged in relationships with other people.

That scales down to: if you want a serious relationship, or rather, if you are ready to commit yourself to the relationship, then the other party should as well be ready to drop all the other friends they were seeing each other with and concentrate on you. If they are not ready to do so, then consider something else.

No Consistency
In anything that’s done in life, there should be consistency; otherwise, it is as good as dead. If your relationship lacks the consistency that real relationships have and you and your partner are on and off all the time, then you are in a situation where you should take your leave unless you want to remain there.

No Future Plans
The thing with most situational relationships is that they’re usually all about living in the present without much stress about where you two are headed.

If you are at a point where you want a long-term relationship but your partner is not ready to make future plans with you, he probably doesn’t see a future with you and is comfortable with your current situation for as long as it lasts, and he’s unlikely to change his opinion.

One-way traffic
Most situations are one-sided, and in most cases, one partner is often more invested in the relationship than the other partner.

Should it happen that you are struggling to see that you are keeping your relationship alive all through, then that is a situational scenario.

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“I am Still a Girlfriend” ~ Nadia Mukami Talks About Her Relationship With Arrow Bwoy



Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami has shared her relationship status with Arrow Bwoy, hinting that she is still her girlfriend and has not yet changed her status to being her wife.

Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy

Speaking outside the JKIA airport after landing from the US, she said that she is still Arrow Bwoy’s girlfriend because he hasn’t finished paying the dowry yet.

“I am still a girlfriend…kwa sababu bado hajalipa mahari kwa sababu hata kwa ma uncle wangu itakua vibaya nikisema vingine kwa camera.”

The ‘Maombi’ hit maker said that it would be disrespectful to say otherwise in front of the press, and he hasn’t delivered on his end as he would be disrespecting her clan members together with family.

She hinted that earlier this year they had planned to do a traditional marriage, but the plan didn’t go according to plan, and she has left it to him to decide when they will do the weeding.

Asked If she would be contributing to her own wedding, she responded, saying that she would only do that if it had to do with things that involved women alone and wedding decorations, but dismissed the part that had anything to do with helping pay the dowry.

Nadia won the award as the best female artist in East Africa and urged artists to support each other and keep clapping each other until their moment comes instead of hating and beefing with each other.

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