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Elizabeth Wangu Mburu shares secret to growing healthy dreadlocks without suffering weight loss




Different people put on dreadlocks for different reasons. Some believe dreads enhance their looks; while for others, dreads are cultural.  Their history goes back thousands of years and spans different eras and civilisations. Dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle, but also a symbol of spirituality, freedom and cultural identity.

Kenya’s Mrs Elizabeth Wangu Mburu has ‘reared’ her dreadlocks for the past 15 years. Even if she was promised a favor in exchange for her dreads, Elizabeth claims she would never shave them.

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How to grow dreads without hassle

Giving her view on how she managed to grow her dreads, Elizabeth claims that all dreadlocks need is a little oiling and sun drying after washing.

Inaoshwa vizuri, alafu inapanguzwa, alafu inapakwa wax. Ikiwa na maji kidogo, alafu inafungwa,” Elizabeth said

She continued to add the kind of foods she eats to maintain her dreads health.

Najaribu kukula vizuri. Sana sana napenda nduma, imechanganishwa na ndizi ya kiganda na ngwashe, na skuma naekelea juu. Saa ile naskia kiu nakula miwa sana. Nywele na miwa ni poa,” she stated.

In addition to this, she claims that eating traditional foods and getting enough sleep is necessary for dreadlocks to prevent weight loss. Elizabeth claims that people with dreadlocks are good-hearted. Although she claims that is not her objective, she promises not to object if she is added to the Guinness Book of Records.

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