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Eddie Butita On How His Interaction With The President Impacted His life Differently



Kenyan Stand-Up Comedian and SPM BUZZ CEO Edwin Butita has shared details on what he discussed with the president, refuting claims of being richer than him.

Eddie Butita at State House Nairobi Kenya

Speaking during the Wicked Edition Show, he said that the President put him in the spotlight by saying he earns more than him. And ever since, his life and relations with his colleagues changed because he was seen as someone close to power, and everybody wanted to use him to get to the president.

“Kwanza alichoma alisema nimemshinda dooh.

Hiyo Kitu ilichange Dynamics, ya vitu mob sana vile narelate na wasee.”

He also added that all the grievances that the public is sending to the higher offices are being received, and they shouldn’t at any point think that the government is not seeing them as just looking for better long-term solutions to the problems.

Butita also revealed that he lost a piece of himself over the years as a result of his extensive exposure to traumatic events, until he began to view them as commonplace occurrences rather than life-threatening ones. He cited the example of how his neighbourhood in “Kariobangi” used to be plagued by persistent gunshots, which could be heard during the day as well as at night, and by criminals being shot day and night.

It is these very things that made him more hardened and immune to some life-threatening situations that other people are afraid of each time they happen.

“As a kid, I was exposed to danger… Kuskianga gun daily… Kumbe hizo vitu ni dangerous.

Kumbe kuna part yangu ililost kwa life, Kuna kasoft spot kamepotea.” Eddie Butita clarified.

He concluded by adding that he always tries to fit in with the rest of other people because there are some things that don’t add up to him, which are mysteries to others.

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