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A Nurse Toto Show Written By Eddie Butita Sells Out in 37 Minutes



Kenyan comedian, scriptwriter, director, and CEO of SPM BUZZ, Eddie Butita, has shocked the public by selling out a show. He announced minutes ago that it would be premiering at Diamond Plaza in Nairobi, Kenya.

Eddie Butita (Image Courtesy)

In the next few minutes, like 30 minutes, he put up another post announcing that he had sold out the show, leaving many wondering and making inquiries if they could be squeezed in somewhere. ‘Sold Out’ is the phrase that Eddie is giving to every inquiry being made.

Eddie added another post informing his audience that there is no more room, looking surprised that his audience acted faster than he had anticipated, thanking all of his supporters who acted quickly to support his craft, and announcing that gates will open at 6:30 p.m.

“Waaah Kwani mlikua searious hivo… A Nurse Toto watch party is SOLD OUT!!!! In 37 minutes. See you on Saturday! Gates open at 6:30 p.m., and screening starts at exactly 8:00 p.m. Asanteni sana, nothing but love.” Eddie Butita’s statement read:

‘A Nurse Toto’, a Kenyan comedy series written and directed by Netflix’s Guru and Creative Eddie Butita, is a satirical, dramatic, and humorous portrayal of the lives of patients, doctors, and nurses in Facility One hospital. 

The series features consistent characters, including the incompetent doctor (Eddie Butita) who keeps trying to prove that he can actually do better each day, the indifferent social media addict nurses (Annstella Karimi, Stephanie Muchiri, and Fao Shishi), the dramatic receptionist who is always in the mood for scandals (Marya Okoth), and the ‘Swahili specialist janitor (Omwami Comedian), who posing as helpful and always selling traditional medicine.

Eddie Butita (Image Courtesy)

Last year, he released the first season, which had a total of 13 episodes and was all streamed on Eddie Butita’s YouTube channel. It is a show that became the talk of town, with many creatives following suit and coming up with their own as well after Eddie set the pace.

According to Eddie, the new season will air every Thursday on his YouTube channel, starting at 11 a.m.

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