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Don’t let the Channels go that easily ~ Kileleshwa Mp Robert Alai Advises Mungai Eve To Sue Trevor For Rebranding Their YouTube Channel



Kileleshwa Member of Parliament Robert Alai has advised Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve to sue her ex-boyfriend Trevor for rebranding their YouTube channel, as if thats not enough to fire her as well from running all the online media handles that she was once apart of.

Speaking through a thread he shared online on his page, Robert Alai shared his opinion on what Trevor just did by rebranding their YouTube channel from Mungai Eve to Kenya Online Media, telling her to not let the whole thing slide right before her eyes and consider involving the authorities as she was also apart of it and helped build it grow from scratch.

“Even Mungai should sue Trevor and recover all her pages.

Eve Mungai built the pages using her image and went to great lengths to sacrifice everything for the pages to grow. I remember how many times we interacted with her while chasing a story.

She shouldn’t let the channels go that easily.” Robert Alai’s statement read:

Trevor announced yesterday that he had parted ways with Mungai Eve, saying that her services are no longer needed for the time being.

Director Trevor & Mungai eve (Image Courtesy)

“Her services are no longer needed on the following platforms: YouTube, with 754K subscribers, Instagram Fame, with 104K subscribers, and Facebook, with 874K followers,” Director Trevor responded to a fan during a question and answer session.

The channel has over 750K subscribers with over 2353 videos uploaded so far after being founded on January 2, 2020.

Mungai Eve has yet to respond or say anything about what Trevor has done.

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