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Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has called out on Politicians, telling them to serve citizens.

Speaking through SPM BUZZ channel while defending the rights of civilians who had been detained for petty reasons, he said that it’s high time such things stop.

He called out on Politicians telling them to stop pocketing money that belongs to a common mwananchi and do what they were elected to serve.

“Don’t be Idiots, you politicians…Musitukasirishe bytheway… Enough of this corruption and slavery.”

Eric Omondi has asked the politicians to do their work and serve residents.

He said that their agenda is revolved around Economy anything that touches on the livelihood of Kenyans, which include: Poverty, Unemployment, Literacy and Cooking Oil. Urging the politicians to consider helping in addressing such issues.

He has told residents that it’s high time they stood for themselves, reminding them that nobody will help them if they don’t stand up for themselves.

“I want to tell young people to get ready for tomorrow… Nobody is coming to rescue you… You must wake up now and start planning tomorrow today.”

He also urged the Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to help in releasing the minors that have been jailed for petty reasons that can be easily resolved.

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