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Dem Wa Facebook opens up on why she always insists on wanting a rich boyfriend



Kenyan controversial comedian and content creator Dem Wa Facebook opens up on why she likes setting standards and has always insisted on wanting a rich boyfriend, despite coming from lower Kayole.

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, she opened up, saying that she likes doing so, wanting to live a classy posh life with a rich boyfriend even though she can’t  afford it because she has been through a lot and doesn’t deserve a low-life person.

According to her, she’d rather cry in a Range Rover, as Kenyan artist SautiSol says in one of their tracks, than on a bicycle. Dem Wa Facebook has time and time again insisted that she would rather share a man with another woman, especially married men, as long as they provide and meet all her needs, than have a loyal solo partner who is struggling in life.

Saa hii nangojea millionaire umaskini haina trophy ng’ang’ana heri hata ukiolewa na bwana ya mtu mkikorofishana ulilie lavingtone ukikosana na mtu unafinya lift unakuja chini unarelax.” Dem Wa Facebook supported her statement.

In the brief interview, Dem Wa Facebook did also talk about her past life, saying she hates the men who she used to attract and entertain back then, thanking heavens that it is rightfully fair that she didn’t end up pregnant, and as of now she has her focus on other things and has been clearly showing in all her interviews how much she is interested in materialistic things and all those who can make her life heaven.

Watu nilikua nadate hata siwezi tamani kusema tuliwahi date nikiwaangalia hivi…juu wanakaa vile wanataka hata mungu alinisaidia sikushika mimba saa hii watoto wangekua wanasumbua bursary kwa wanasiasa.” Manzi wa Facebook shared.

She has always said she is interested in wanting to share Amberay’s man, Kennedy Rapudo, because of how wealthy he is and the way he treats his wife, Amberay.

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