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Ugandan Artist Jose Chameleone whose original name is Joseph Mayanja, has broken silence and decided to speak why he rained whips on a boda boda rider.

He said that there are some people who need to be reminded to have some good manners and deeds.

“There are bad people in every business.” He said this words when asked why he did what he chose to.

Adding that there are some things that need fixing in the boda boda community.

Despite the bad conduct from boda boda riders, Chameleon’s act of beating the guy still is in question as everybody is addressing the issue online differently. Some are even saying that he had no right to do what he did, for it’s ruining his reputation and the name he has done a lot of sacrifices and hard work to build.

Her wife Daniella Atim Condemned the act expressing her feelings, saying that what the husband did was so wrong, and it shouldn’t have reached to that level.

On the Interview, Chameleon responded saying that neither of them the boda boda guy nor him was an angel probably meant that they all did wrong, but he said that it’s in the past and people should move on from it.

As per what is known and the Video shared online is that Chameleon walked out of his Range Rover with a long stick and started whipping the boda boda guy angrily without caring if he was doing harm.

Rumor has it that the boda guy knocked chameleon’s Range Rover near his house in seguku Entebe. Reason as to why Chameleone came at him furiously.

Although some are siding with the artist that the boda guy deserves what he got because when the whole whipping was taking place the others were just watching.

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