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Brian Chira Denies Claims That He was Showing Off Explicit Content Over the Weekend On His Page



Brian Chira has finally addressed the viral video of him that has been making rounds on the internet.

The tiktoker has been trending for the past three days for a viral video of him showing explicit content to the public. The video has been shared widely, thus causing mixed reactions among netizens, with others claiming that he is mentally unstable and needs help, while others are criticizing him, saying that he lacks manners and the world should teach him a lesson.

Brian Chira, who was speaking in an interview with presenter Ali, responded to the above claims by strongly denying that it wasn’t him in that video and that he can never do such a thing. In the interview, Brian Chira looked shocked that people were saying it was him and asked Ali to present the video to him so that he could also see why Kenyans were claiming it was him.

“What video? Mimi ati nimedoo what? No, that is not me in the video. I can never do such things. Can never be. I respect myself, I respect my private parts, and I respect my brand. Do you have the video I  saw?”Brian responded.

Presenter Ali asked Brian if he might have been drunk while he went live, making him not remember what he did, but he rubbished the claims that he was drunk and insisted on not knowing what video he was referring to. He told Kenyans to stop assuming that he is a drunkard in anything he does since that is just a character he built for his brand.

“And this is the problem with Kenyans. I want to remove the mentality of people thinking that I am a drunkard since they knew me as the drunk eyewitness. No, they should stop.”

He went on and urged Kenyans to leave him alone and allow him to be young and stupid since one is allowed to be that in his lifetime.

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