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Well, have you been looking for the perfect number of series and movies to escape your mind? Worry no more, here is a combination of the top interesting Kenyan movies and series of all time.
This list does not follow a particular order:

Sincerely Daisy (2020).

This is a Kenyan film that found its way onto Netflix. Starring Ellah Maina and Sam Psenjen the movie has been produced by one of the top Kenyan producers, Nick Mutuma.
It is a feel-good film that takes the viewer into the life of a happy high school girl, whose dreams, passion, and confidence are faced with certain challenges among them being family and boyfriend problems.
Daisy is looking op to having a promising future, however, through a series of unfortunate events, she faces challenges as her parents struggle to pay her tuition fees for University in Beijing China making her dream of studying abroad, shuttered.
She also faces betrayal and jealousy as she loses her boyfriend in a play to one of her best friends. Altogether life takes a u-turn for daisy as there’s a happy ending.

Nairobi half-life (2012).

A young, aspiring actor from upcountry dreams of becoming a success and thus makes way to the big city of Nairobi.
This film tells the story of ‘Mwas’, a young Kenyan villager who earns a meager living selling DVDs but dreams of being an actor. He later travels to Nairobi to perform in a theatre troupe but within minutes of arriving in the big city, he is robbed and falsely imprisoned.
Mwas later after being released he begins to leave a double life but later makes his way to the theater having nearly missed the opening but he gives a heartfelt performance as a burglar. Well the whole story revolves around his life and struggles in the big city (city of opportunities.)
David Gitonga alias “tosh”, is the director of Nairobi Half-life. The movie was nominated for nine awards at the African Movie Academy Awards and was considered by the Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Feature Category after Joseph Wairui won the best actor at the Dubai Film Festival.

Disconnect (2018).

Looking for a romantic love story, well here is one.
It is a Kenyan romantic film that stars Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu as ‘Celine’ and actor Nick Mutuma as ‘josh’ who have a secret romantic attraction.
However, Celine faces difficulty in getting into the right kind of relationship which makes her rely on the advice and emotional support of her friends.
Well, the two best friends, Celine and Josh are navigating their way in the dating world but is a romance with each other lurking beneath their platonic relationship?

Poacher (2018).

It is an award-winning Kenyan/ British film that addresses issues of the illegal ivory trade that goes on in the country and the effects it has on people even at the grassroots level.
The film casts includes Maina Olwenya, Brian Ogola, David Leonard, and Shiviske Shivisi and was directed by British director Tom Whitworth.
It captures an exciting plot of how a farmer is on the run after stealing ivory from International terrorists.
It was actually received very well by Kenyans who acknowledged it as a great achievement when it was first aired on Netflix.

Plan B (2019).

This is a love story, of ‘Lisa’, Sarah Hassan who recognizes she’s pregnant after a one-night stand with a rich man, then later confides in her best friend who then comes up with a plan to find the man and make him pay for child support.
However, the plan doesn’t go as planned as the guy offers her money to get an abortion and unlikely ensues.
This is definitely one to catch up with.

The Captain of Nakara (2012).

This one is a comedy movie following the life of an ex-convict who struggles to rejoin society while continuing his mischief and crime.
He pretends to be a successful man and tries to get married to a preacher’s daughter. It features the late Charles Bukeko alias ‘Papa Shirandula’.

40 Sticks (2019).

It is a Kenyan thriller movie where a group of prisoners trapped in a crashed prison bus strive to stay alive when they realize there is a mysterious killer lurking in the shadows.
It revolves around the story of a group bus that crashes, and their struggle to survive. However, their misery is worsened by wild animals in the forest and a mysterious killer that lurks in the shadows.

Morning After (2020).

This is a shot skit starring one of the best young acts Charlie Karumi and Foi Wambui.
A young man endures the longest morning of his life upon discovering that his staunch Christian mother washed the clothes of his secret one-night stand.
It is a hilarious short film where an intoxicated and blinded by lust, Joe secretly brings a random girl to his mother’s house from a nightclub.


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