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Well when it comes to dating, people view it as an overwhelming and ‘trouble-never-ends’ task.

Have you been looking for a partner to go out with, to have a romantic link, someone who fits your checklist, a person for a long-term relationship, a casual partner, friends with benefits or just someone to hang out with? without really having to go through the tough trouble of looking for someone physically that even doesn’t suit your ‘perfect person’ need?

There are a lot of good dating sites and apps that simplify your work and enable one to have someone that he or she is compatible.

Below are some of the best-ranked dating apps for Kenyans and dating websites in Kenya:


It is commonly referred to as the ‘hookup’ app.
It is an online dating which enables its users to swipe either right to like or left to dislike other users’ profiles which consists of their photos, a brief description of who they are or like known as a bio and a list of their interests.
With 55 million matches to make, Tinder is regarded as the world’s most popular dating app. It matches singles in your area and around the world virtually.
To use Tinder, one must create a profile where you add your location, gender, age, distance, and gender preferences when you log in.
After that if you swipe right to someone’s profile then that same person does the same to your profile then both of you are regarded as a match hence you can start chatting with one another.
Well as they say, ‘it’s a match!!!’


Zoosk is one of the best dating sites that personalizes the dating experience to help singles find a person that best suits them.
Zoosk is commonly known as “behavioural matchmaking’ which study’s the user’s behaviour from who they like, who you message to determine who you might like and that person likes you back.
It is a place to meet new people in a fun and exciting way.

Bumble (For Confident Women).

This is a dating app that is believed to have changed the way people date, find friends and the perception of meeting online where women make the first move.
Only women are allowed to make the first move and she is required to send the first message. If the woman doesn’t send the first message within 24 hours after a match has been created, the match is regarded as lost or even if she messages and the guy doesn’t reply, the match is also lost and it disappears forever.
It inspires women to make the first move, to give them more power on the app.
If you view yourself as a confident woman, a woman of power, well this is it!!!


It is a free dating app operating online dating, friendships or people seeking to find someone special.
It allows you to create a profile and find matches based on your preferences. It also offers questions about yourself so that potential matches can learn more about you.
It has a tab known as a ‘cupid pick’ which is a match that the app algorithm picks for a person.
Finding a match on this app depends on what you are looking for and how active you are. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, and you’re willing to implement tips that improve your dating profile, you’ll likely find a match here.

E Harmony.

This one is best for them that are seeking marriage partners or serious relationships.
It matches couples based on ’29 dimensions’ of compatibility and interests which are determined by one answering a relationship questionnaire and personality test.
It is all about finding your true love online to match serious daters via an algorithm of in-depth questioning, which weeds out the impatient people while offering you specific daily matches within your location.


It is a dating app that is user-friendly that is termed as serious and not too serious.
It is the most widely-used dating site and is simple to create a profile and check out potential matches.
A user sends a few messages and then they both arrange to meet up for a date.
It allows one to access a thousand profiles and offers you the ability to chat to potential dates at the rate which works for you.
Well, your account or money is the main determiner.

Plenty of fish.

As the name suggests, it allows a user to access a large database of single people.
Users take a special test known as a Relationship Chemistry Predictor test which measures one’s self-confidence, family-orientation, self-control and easygoingness.
It is a great starting point for people who have not tried online dating before and would want to try it for free.


It’s the world’s most loved LGBTQIA2S+ dating and community app. It is regarded as a safe space for one’s self authenticity which allows people to find their people.
It ensures real connections which are made for queers by queers.
Here you meet like-minded people where you can share your story and meet your person without feeling deprived.


Are you tired of dating or just looking scrolling for people who finally never end up being meaningful to you?
It is a dating app designed for someone who wants to get on their ‘last first date’.
It is built on a belief that anyone looking for love should be able to find it.
It is good for younger singles specifically those who are looking for a more casual dating experience.

There you have it, folks, sign up for one of these top dating sites and apps to maximize your chances of getting your perfect match.

BY: Lyne Gatwiri.





The moment you know yourself, it saves you from a lot of trouble.

Below are the things you should identify about yourself:
1. Find what excites you.
Know scenarios and circumstances that give you energy. Feeling positive will motivate you to do more and seek out new experiences.

2. Identify what makes you postpone.
Everybody does this from time and time again, but it will only cost a great deal adjourning your tasks when you can fulfill them is wrong because you will not reach your target, and you want to succeed, so once you identify this it will become easier.

3. What you need from a Relationship.
It’s not necessarily about couples but the good relation that exists between the two of you it can be at work. You can only grow when you understand what the binds you and what you want to achieve together.

4. How you react to stress.
If you are going through something, it is very evident that you will overreact and in, so you should know how to respond to such issues. When you realize how to react to stress, it will help you come up with healthier ways and habits to keep you calm.

5. Your Weakness.
Identify what weighs you down so that you improve your self-esteem.

6. Your Potential.
Always mark where your strength lies so that you can stand out embrace your capabilities and make them better, it also helps you define yourself so that you are referred easily.

7. Check whether you have any Medical problems.
Your health should always come first before anything, once you reassess yourself and check your health levels you should be in a position to know what you will do in life, even the professional that you will fit in it helps you prepare.

8. What You value most.
These are things that determine how you live and work, they help you figure out your priorities when life matches your priority you tend to feel better about situations even when you are having a long day.

9. What annoys you the most.
It’s always good to guard your peace and know what to avoid when you are not feeling okay about something. So that next time you don’t go to that route.

10. Discover your Happiness.
Once you get to know where your peace lies, you become one of the happiest person in the planet because you can confide in it and embrace it.
You can always do that whenever you are feeling low because It’s what boosts your levels up and creates that great feeling.

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Phillip Karanja Popularly known as Director Phil has joined the world to wish his wife Kate, Actress, a happy Birthday.

The Award Winning actress who turns 36 years today has been surprised by her fans and family congratulating her for adding a year and accomplishing great milestones.


Her Husband wasn’t left behind as well, as He has taken the opportunity to pen down a congratulatory message for her as well.

He has kind of mocked her wife in a loving way just down below the picture he posted on his page encouraging her to have a change on her foot wears.

“Happiest birthday super [email protected] actress sasa siku za kuvaa heels zimefika tamati, let’s embrace Bata Ngomas please.”

Other celebrities have also joined the game in wishing the Netflix star a happy birthday by sending her a congratulatory message, such as Michelle ntalami, millychebby amongst others.

Michelle .ntalami : Black Girl Magic! Happy Birthday Queen! @kateactress

millychebby: Happy Birthday Queen to many more

jmatubia: Happy Birthday love🔥

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The Real Housewives of Nairobi series has finally been announced that it will be made available on February 23rd, having new episodes coming in on every Thursday.

The series is about a group of influential pretty women living large from the Capital city of Kenya, which is Nairobi.
Basically, it is about getting to understand Nairobi more and how its people live, especially women.

This series is being produced by Eugene Mbugua’s D&R Studios that has produced many other famous shows before that even had their way into the nomination category like “Kyallo Kulture” that featured the most streamed African show in Show max.

They fit the profile of the team that should bring out the best out of the casts and tell the whole story of these women on how they are handling relationship, gossip and fame.

This series will look into the story of 5 successful women as they navigate their lavish lifestyles, relationships and even careers.

Below is a list of the casts that will feature:
1. Skin Care Entrepreneur Susan Kaittany


2. Media Socialite and Celebrity Vera Sidika


3. Fashion Collector Sonal Maherali


4. Actress Minne Kariuki


5. Interior Designer Lisa Christoffersen


Show max Specialist (Denise Mwende whose talented at spotting great talent)


remarked that each of the above women is one of a kind, their capabilities are top-notch, describing them as all the way up qualified.

“They are hardworking, affluent, influential and unapologetic women who are not ashamed to live large and live well because they have earned it.”

The long awaited show will join other African great shows that have featured internationally and won awards.

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