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Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai has called out to the public to let celebrities be whenever they come across them.

“Honestly, I need to say this from my heart. When you meet public figures, Could you please let them be and respect their spaces.”

Speaking through her social media platform, she said that she has been involved in scenarios that made her regret giving her attention to the fan.

“Recently, I have experienced behaviors I haven’t appreciated. 1st, I don’t get why when people show me their Instagram pages show me their Instagram pages through my page, choose to follow themselves back without even asking me if it’s okay (Disrespectful)”

She went on adding that it’s also fair that people don’t go asking personal numbers of celebrities as she doesn’t like it either, rather take a business card and call back if at all you were interested.

Lastly, she has addressed those people who want to be tagged in her page or mentioned in her stories as irrelevant, as she doesn’t see the essence to do that because she considers her page a personal space and not an advertising place.

“Stop asking for tags. My page is my personal space. I would go somewhere or buy something, and someone would still insist on tagging or mentions. If I pay for something, Kindly do not expect a mention.”

She had also warned people to refrain from using her pictures to promote their brand without her consent, as she pays them with her own money.





Everybody dislikes lying, and when you were once little you were advised against telling a lie.

In some other circumstances, you are really forced to say it. It is kind of faking a truth so that you don’t hurt another’s feelings, or others do it to buy time or make amends.

Everybody has done this to save their….. It is very understandable, don’t feel bad, just don’t make it a trend.

Below is a compilation of lies that you have once told or have heard If you have never, Of course, this will crack your ribs!!

This is very common, and probably everyone has heard of it before.
Many have used this, and it actually does work in quite a number of occasions. This sounds more professional than saying I woke up late.

This Is On Me, My Bad, It’s My Fault.
People normally use this, especially in relationships. When you’ve upset your partner, and you very well know it’s their fault, but you choose to side with them just because you don’t want to make them feel upset. Owning their mistakes.

Take it from me, It worked once. But emphasize on being real to each other.

It’s Great!!!
That’s definitely a lie. You have ever been asked before like hey how do you think that sounds like how does it taste.

In other circumstances, it might be the exact real truth about something, but some don’t really mean it and may say it just to please you.

I’ll be There In a Few
Another obvious lie. Saying that, I am few minutes away from reaching there.

We’ve all boarded planes and car ubers, and we’ve seen how people lie in them.

It’s Probably in the Spam Folder
When someone emails you, and you aren’t interested in it, and they come confirm from you if you’ve seen it. You dismiss their claims and back yourself with it should’ve gone to the spam folder.

I’m Fine
This is a very delicate small but very much loaded.

One could be going through a lot but prefers to keep it to themselves because probably they don’t want anything to do with you or don’t see if you will help them if they care to share.

I have Plans

This a line that normally comes to your head when you are asked to show up for someone you aren’t interested in.

Shit!! I forgot

You Intentionally ignore something and throw this line in when you are asked where something is that you had been earlier told to take or bring on board.

Actually it’s kind of used so that one buys time and does that later.

I Got it at a Fair Price

This is a line thrown it when a colleague inquires the price you bought something. It happens a lot.

Your Baby looks Pretty

A common line to compliment mothers that you are together even when you know they really don’t deserve that line. Protecting her feelings as well.

Hey I didn’t see You

They saw you and weren’t interested in you and just because you have them in a tight corner a situation whereby you cannot walk away from, You admit and shout that phrase.

I’ve Been Busy

One of my Favorite phrases in film. Yeah this is not entirely true its a phrase used to justify your claims and shut those complaining about you not showing up. It does work! Don’t use it please, prioritize your people by creating time for them and keep your circle close.

I was Bluffing

You accidentally mentioned something you weren’t supposed to say or said too much and now you want to settle the turbulence.

We are just friends

Do I really need to say something about this? .Everyone knows this line. This phrase is used by people who have something going on of course but because they aren’t sure about it yet they define their status as “Just Friends”.

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Ghanaian Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has arrived in Kenya for the first time and is set to pull off big projects.

Speaking to the Press at the Airport, he said that he came in on a business trip and would do anything else that comes up. He has also spoken his personal experience with working with American artist Beyonce.

“I just came on a business trip, see a few friends and do a little siting. And I know Kenyans love Dancehall too and am here to see If I can do one or two things.”

Speaking of working with Beyonce he said that she is a queen and a very big achievement for him as it helped him realize his potential and get more opportunities.

“I think Beyonce is one of the queens in the music and I think she puts me on track…really gave me that leverage to hold a lot of avenues in life. So I think that was one of my greatest opportunity in my music career.”

Shatta Wale has done quite a number of Collaboration music with Beyonce, but the one with the highest number of views is “ALREADY” released 2 years ago alongside Major lazer and Beyonce that has over 60 million Views.

The song embraces the African culture and has a very powerful informative message that encourages people to keep working and embracing their achievements.

He has also promised that he might work with a couple of Kenyan artists and maybe get to see if they can do a music collaboration if he gets time.

He said that he decided to tour Kenya because he loves the vibe that Kenyans have and the whole country as large.

This is not the first artist comprehending Kenyans, as this has been seen by a couple of other artists who have arrived in Kenya, amongst them being Roberto and Ayra Starr.

Speaking about his relationship status, he said that he is till not seeing anyone and is single, should anything happen in his time in Kenya he would gladly take it.

He also talked a little about his latest album, saying that it’s entitled (MALI) which stands for Me, alone and Life Ironies, saying that it talks about his journey in music. His Inspiration to create the album came from the struggles he underwent and love from people.

Lastly he answered a question asked by SPM BUZZ presenter Silva Kido about the fallen Content Creator Ahuofe who was well known for mimicking the late rapper 2pac saying that a times it is better to accept certain things and move on as it is life and insisted on people to keep fit and healthy. The cause of the death of the Ghanian Content creator is still unknown.

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Businessman Jimal Rohosafi has surprised his ex-girlfriend with a brand-new car.

Amber ray through her social media page has posted the video captioning with saying that one should never burn bridges.

“Ehe! Kiongozi aliskia nateseka kutumia jeep sahi venye iko juu, Akanitumia gari, enyewe never burn bridges. May God always bless you for me, Chairman.”

These are moments after Amberay announced that she will be taking care of her children alone as in a single mother. Moments after, Kennedy responded back saying that in moments time thus 2 months the truth will be known to the public as to why the break-up happened.

The two were already engaged and were preparing for their unborn child, whom they already had a baby reveal party recently.

Kennedy Rapudo on the other side has refused any allegations associated with moving on from his ex, saying that he isn’t interested in dating anytime soon.

He although promised to meet his responsibilities as a father despite them not being together.

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