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“Target achieved, may your cups never go dry. Thank you so much dear Kenyans,” posted Akuku’s lover Sandra Dacha.

Expressing his gratitude, the comedian thanked the well-wishers for helping him clear his medical bill and surpassing the target. However, he urged Kenyans who wish to continue to support him may continue.

“Guys, as of this morning tumefika 824k. Our expectations have been superseded by far. The paybill is still running, feel free to send your contribution. ASANTENI SANA,” Posted Akuku on his Instagram page.

Mannerson Oduor Ochieng’ famously known as Akuku danger has been on and off from the hospital and was recently discharged from the hospital however held back due to his uncleared medical bill.

Akuku’s girlfriend Sandra Dacha had informed the public of the refusal of the hospital to accept collateral while seeking help from well-wishers.

“The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that Akuku Danger can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill, which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way, please reach us,” wrote Dacha.

While pleading for help from Kenyans Akuku explained the tough journey due to his draining condition, (sickle cell anaemia) while pledging to his fans not to grow weary of his pleads.

“I never asked to be in this position, half of this year has been months and months of hospital admissions due to sickle cell anaemia which has since drained me both mentally, financially and even physically and that’s why I come to you guys seeking help. It’s been challenging but I’m hanging in there. Msichoke na mimi,” wrote Akuku.

Kenyan celebrities and his fans came through for him giving him messages of hope and courage on his Social media handles.

By: Its- Gatwiri.

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