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Kenyan Artist and mother, Akothee, has advised Women to always get consent from their partners before getting pregnant for them.

The President of Single mothers has encouraged women to always agree before making a decision that they might later on regret.


She has noted that a times both men and women end up having a family just to satisfy their own desires, without thinking about the life that the infant will be subjected to.

“Some Women use Children as bait to hold the man down, some men equally use children to attach to the women, yet they know clearly they don’t mean it.”

She also said that the current generation needs to be advised on how to go about parenthood.

“The Ratio of Children brought up in a confused family set up is bigger than children born under marriage umbrella. I think there should be a clear document to be signed about bringing a child into the world.”

Akothee wonders how the young generation with no employment nor a future yet is able to raise kids, and yet her single parenthood task is really taking the most of her.

She has also emphasized that the child comes with full package responsibilities that need like almost 100% of your time and finally concluded with telling spouses to stop using children as weapon, it’s causing a lot of confusion.

“A child comes with full responsibility that should be shared equally…spouses should stop using children as a weapon to get to each other’s neck.”

Akothee brought this up in her Instagram page because she loved the discussion that was going on in court about marriage rules, and she felt it would be okay if this one would also be included as part of the deal in the marriage rules.

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