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Abel Mutua alias Mkurugenzi’s wife, Judy Nyawira famously known as Bi Mkuru , on one on one at Buzz with the stars.

“Those are stupid questions and stop asking such questions, it’s a personal decision, you never know why someone makes some decisions,” addressed Bi Mkuru.

Speaking during the interview she cuts off and stops commenters who are ever on her neck about having the second child.

The super producer has continued to wow her followers with her immense growth and her love story with the famous Mkurugenzi.

The two met in college, at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, where she narrates that she was in her first year while Abel was by then a third year.

Their love story began when they started dating but Judy got pregnant during her final year, which was tough for her as she was only 22 years.

The mother of one mentions that having Mumbua as her first child at an early age is not something she regrets now as she can now enjoy her adult life.

After quitting her job on Citizen TV she later joined Njugush’s family where she volunteered to be their manager at first after deciding to drop Celestine Ndinda, the wife, as the manager due to some other commitments.

“We needed to differentiate ourselves from other competitors, so it was decided that Celestine had to stop being the manager because we needed someone who can push this since we were learning on the job, we needed a professional,” explained Njugush.

Njugush then decided to seek help from Abel and Judy and lucky for them Judy Nyawira accepted and became their manager.

According to Judy Nyawira, Celestine and Njugush are her stepping stone as they have helped her elevate her to greater heights.

BY: Its- Gatwiri.

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