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Abel Mutua advices Eddie Butita not to settle down



Abel Mutua has been friends with Eddie Butita for years now. Actually many on social media admire the kind of relationship Abel, Eddie and Njugush share.

Apart from spending time together, the three ‘boys’ help each other with different projects and so far have proven to deliver quality projects.

Well the only difference there is, is that Njugush and Abel Mutua remain in stable marriages while their buddy Eddie Butita is yet to settle down with a girlfriend – not even a wife.

Abel Mutua expresses disappointment in Njugush’s new matatu hustle

Speaking about Butita’s single life, Abel Mutua advised the content creator not put himself in a position he can’t handle.

From what Abel said is that Butita settling with someone’s daughter is more of a punishment for the lady.

Butita’s relationship history

Although Butita is what many women term as dark and handsome – it is unfortunate that he hasn’t been in a serious public relationship for years now.

Last we checked, the young man had been linked with popular female comedian who he parted ways with a few years back.

He was then linked to yet another media personality cum model Sadia who he has never denied nor confirmed but keeps joking about when given opportunity.

Well it’s only fair to say there is more time to find suitable wife for the 30 year old.

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