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A Nurse Toto Season 2 Full Cast Members And Their Roles (Photos)



‘A Nurse Toto’, a Kenyan comedy series written and directed by Netflix’s Guru and Creative Eddie Butita, is a satirical, dramatic, and humorous portrayal of the lives of patients, doctors, and nurses in Facility One hospital.

Below is the full cast of Nurse Toto Series Season 2, which aired Season 1 back in last year with a total of 13 episodes. The new season will be streaming soon every Thursday on Eddie Butita’s YouTube channel.
1. Eddie Butita

The incompetent doctor (commonly known as Doctor Shifta) keeps trying to prove that he can actually do better each day.

2. Ann Stella

A social media addict who refers to herself as ‘Shawry for needles’ is a nurse in facility one.

3. Ciku Muchiri

Another social media addict who is also a nurse, especially Instagram and TikTok, are her favorites.

4. Marya Okoth

The dramatic receptionist whose always loud and with an attitude, trying to know everything that’s happening in facility one hospital.

5. Omwami

Commonly known as ‘Doctor Babu’ who works as a janitor, he is well known for his ‘Swahili terminologies. A traditional herbalist, apart from being a janitor, always has a solution to every disease.

6. Fao ShyShy

Commonly known as ‘Vee the Intern’, who is an intern at facility one with wide knowledge when it comes to medicine and treating patients.

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