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Content Creator 2mbili has been assaulted by Baby Mama again.

According to the Information given by @Ogaobinna from 2mbili the assault has been going on only that 2mbili decided to keep it quiet for some time, probably hoping that maybe someday things will change and for the sake of the kids.

Ogaobinna has reached out to his social media to update fans and the public as to what is going on through 2mbili’s life, saying that He has decided to put it out there before it gets out of control.

Ogaobinna said that they even made a step of going to report the ‘Gender Based Violence’ to the police station, but apparently no action was taken.

He then decided to post all this information that 2mbili gave him a heads-up to do so, asking for the public on what way forward should they consider trying.

2mbili has been beaten up and even seen the worst. There’s even claims of being stabbed.According to the Information at hand 2mbili has all the evidence only that he isn’t ready to talk about it.
There’s a short clip that Obinna has posted on his page showing 2mbili bleeding trying to explain how the situation has escalated. Saying that this was another scenario that has happened out of many,

“Hii ni damage kama ya tatu imefanyika nimenyamanza, “2mbili said this words as He looked like blood was covered all over his face.

As per the moment, that’s what is known, 2mbili needs all the help and attention he can get so that he doesn’t succumb to this serious act. Fans and the public have been urged to step up and help as well as to assist stop Gender Based Violence act.

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