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The ‘certified loner’ hit maker, Maryokun has landed in Nairobi today for the much-anticipated entertainment night, the Party Verse ‘peace edition’ which is to be held at the Ngong Racecourse Waterfront on July 23rd, 2022.

Maryokun also made it known to the media after he made a comment saying:

“I’m bringing Lagos to Kenya, shutting it down,” wrote Maryokun.

The Nigerian music sensation, Adewale Mayowoi Emmanuel, popularly known as Maryokun is set to share the stage with Sauti sol’s Bien Aime Baraza, Nviiri the storyteller and Jovial.

Speaking to the media, the party verse marketing director, Eve Ngami said that the platform was meant to bring artists together and preach peace in Nairobi ahead of the August 9th Elections.

“It is going to be a platform for African Artists to engage as creatives and form mashups. It is going to be a platform where they can give an explosion of creativity, passion and talent that is globally recognized and appreciated,” said Eve.

She later added,

“It will also be a platform to preach peace to Nairobians and Kenyans at large seeing that we are in the election homestretch and a lot happens during the period before and after elections,” continued Eve, “Maryokun is fully aware of the work ahead of him -entertain Kenyans and also bring a message of peace.”

This won’t be the first time for the 28-year-old to set his foot in Kenya since he made an appearance back in 2017.

The artist is famously known for his hit, ‘certified loner’ and has recently been featured on the ‘sugarcane remix’ which has continued to hit the Kenyan waves massively.

By: Lyne Gatwiri.

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A Nurse Toto Season 2 Full Cast Members And Their Roles (Photos)



‘A Nurse Toto’, a Kenyan comedy series written and directed by Netflix’s Guru and Creative Eddie Butita, is a satirical, dramatic, and humorous portrayal of the lives of patients, doctors, and nurses in Facility One hospital.

Below is the full cast of Nurse Toto Series Season 2, which aired Season 1 back in last year with a total of 13 episodes. The new season will be streaming soon every Thursday on Eddie Butita’s YouTube channel.
1. Eddie Butita

The incompetent doctor (commonly known as Doctor Shifta) keeps trying to prove that he can actually do better each day.

2. Ann Stella

A social media addict who refers to herself as ‘Shawry for needles’ is a nurse in facility one.

3. Ciku Muchiri

Another social media addict who is also a nurse, especially Instagram and TikTok, are her favorites.

4. Marya Okoth

The dramatic receptionist whose always loud and with an attitude, trying to know everything that’s happening in facility one hospital.

5. Omwami

Commonly known as ‘Doctor Babu’ who works as a janitor, he is well known for his ‘Swahili terminologies. A traditional herbalist, apart from being a janitor, always has a solution to every disease.

6. Fao ShyShy

Commonly known as ‘Vee the Intern’, who is an intern at facility one with wide knowledge when it comes to medicine and treating patients.

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Man Breaks Up With His Girlfriend After Realizing She Danced With Omah Lay (Video)



An anonymous man has reportedly parted ways with his girlfriend on their way home because she danced with Nigerian artist Omah Lay.

Apparently the girl didn’t just dance for Omah Lay; she danced and twerked closely enough to the Nigerian artist, clearly disrespecting her boyfriend, who was in attendance and part of the audience that was watching.

Here is the full video:

Below are some of the reactions from Twitter (X):

How can you disrespect your husband to such an extent?

Lady really disrespects the guy.

To all the Kings, I will speak now on y’all’s behalf, brothers.

Never take a woman who loves celebrities too seriously; know King that she belongs to the streets.

Cheat on her; if she’s too hot, make her pregnant so that you will have a “hot baby mama.”

then find a girl hotter than her. DATE HER!

Your happiness comes first, kings.

Disband such women. A disgrace to your lineage and ancestors.


Don’t be afraid of going with your woman to a show, fearing for what she may do in the presence of a celebrity, because of the Omah Lay controversy.

Go with her; if she screams like a lunatic, leave her there.

Go with her; if she goes on stage to dance or twerk, leave her there.

Go with her; if she ends up hooking up with the celebrity, leave her there.

You can’t stop a woman from being a hoe if she wants to be. And you can only protect a woman from harm, not from misbehavior.

“You can’t stop a woman from being a 304 if she wants to be. And you can only protect a woman from harm, not from misbehavior.”

Men understand life.

A slat is a slat no matter the law you use or the theory and descriptions you make.

No matter how rich a woman is, don’t associate yourself with women who don’t care about their dignity.
Be an African woman.

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Kelvin Kiptum’s Wife Asenath Breaks Down in Tears While Paying Tribute To Her Late Husband



Asenath Wife to the late award-winning record holder Kelvin Kiptum has paid her last respects to her late husband, who is being buried today at his home ground in Iten.

The Late Kelvin Kiptum (Image Courtesy)

Asenath, who walked to the podium filled with sorrow and grief with the company of her children and a few other assistants helping her along the way, paid her last respects to her late husband, pointing out that she will miss him dearly, and despite it being a painful pill to swallow, she promises to stay strong for the children.

Asenath also disclosed in her tribute that she was set to have a grand wedding with Kelvin this year, but that has turned out not to happen because the Lord has called him regardless of the situation. She promised to honor her vow even in his demise and confessed that her love will always be his until they meet later on.

“My dear love, I can’t learn how to say goodbye to you. It is unbelievable that today I have learned to stay with our beloved kids without you coming home again. I mourn my love; I have cried until no more. I will miss you and your love of my life forever until we meet again, but I promise to gather my strength for the sake of our children. I hope the spirit wall will inspire me to stand as a pillar for our children.

I promise to make them smile in your honor. I will make you happy all the time. We have been planning for a big day to tie our knot in a colorful wedding ceremony in April 2024, but God’s plans are greater.

I’ll still make my vow of love, even in your rest. You’ve been the best husband and father to our children. I’ll clearly miss your company. Well, smile again until we meet again and dance with angels. Bye, “Asenath Tribute Read:

The late Kelvin Kiptum passed away in a car accident alongside his coach. Even after an autopsy was done on his body and his car was examined, results pointed out that he had suffered severe head injuries, which is why he didn’t make it.

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