Frasha Speaks On Why He Released a Track Even after Quitting Music



Kenyan legendary artist Frasha, who used to sing more back in the day, opened up about why he returned to the studio even after saying he was done with singing. 

According to him, he decided to release a banger because he wanted to first learn what the public loves most before diving into the music arena. Adding that to him, that was a break so that he could come back strong and release something relevant that would be loved by his fans, and he never really quit music as he felt he had been in the industry for a long time and needed that break and watch from a distance.

“I took a break because nilikua nimekaa kwa industry for long. Na pia ni poa kustep aside, na kusee how the new cats are coming along, nilikua nasoma tuh watu, that’s why Niki come back. I started to do ‘Amapigenge’, a mixture of amapiano and genge, because niliona kuna hiyo trend.” Frasha explained. 

The famed Kenyan music group P-Unit’s lead rapper, had revealed way back then that he officially intends to drop the microphone after 23 years in the game.

Frasha took to social media to say that 23 has always been his magic number, and therefore he intends to make it special in his life.

“23 is a magical number for me, 2023 is a magical year for me, and 23rd is when I bid the game goodbye officially… Thursday, February 23, 2023, will be my last public show and also my birthday party.” Frasha’s statement read:

The legendary rapper, known for his smooth, cheeky lines during the group’s early years, had been in the music industry for 23 years.

He went on to say that he decided to try something new because he felt it was good to experiment with new things and see if the audience would love them, and that’s the good thing about being unique so that you establish your niche. 

He concluded by advising the upcoming artists to believe in their dreams and keep putting in the work, and their day would come eventually when they would shine. He added that music pays; all you have to do is believe in your craft and put in the work. 


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