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It sounds absurd when a person intentionally wants to own a gun right? But there are several reasons why a person would want to own a firearm. There are outlined procedures and requirements for getting a gun license in Kenya. These restrictions are set and the procedures are in place to ensure that the firearms are not placed in the hands of criminals or insane people who would use them to harm people.
Once again SPM BUZZ got you in giving you exclusive information and guidelines on how you can legally own a gun.
Owning a gun in Kenya must be a luxury because it’s not really a necessity, this privilege is granted to only a few people. Since police officers are mandated to protect civilians, only a few self-protection applications are approved.
These approved cases include when the applicant’s status exposes them to danger. Excluded cases like for a Member of Parliament or Senate or a prominent business person are automatically approved to own firearms.

A gun or firearm license is a permit issued by the mandated government authority of a particular nation that allows an applicant to buy, own, possess, or carry a firearm. Except for Government and Constitutional agencies that are empowered by law to bear firearms, no one is eligible to own a gun until they have obtained a valid gun license. The Firearms Licencing Board (FLB) in Kenya is responsible for regulating, licensing and controlling the manufacture, transportation, importation, exportation, repair, sale, storage, possession, and use of ammunition, firearms, airguns and destructive devices. The Firearms Act in Kenya and the Security Amendment Act legislation control gun ownership and use in Kenya.

How to get a gun license

Owning a gun in Kenya is considerably expensive for an ordinary Kenyan. To have this luxury you’ve got to spend Ksh 100, 000 and Ksh 350, 000 when purchased legally. For a Short gun you may spend between Ksh 160, 000 and Ksh 350, 000. Some of the gun shops in Kenya include J.J Okwaro & Co, Spy Shop Limited, and Kenya Bunduki, among others. You only get to own the gun if you meet the requirements.
The process of getting a licensed gun in Kenya is straightforward but lengthy, it’s not for the faint-hearted. One has to express interest in owning a gun by applying to the officer in charge of licensing firearms. First-time applicants are required to apply in person with the Firearms Bureau in Nairobi area. An applicant must meet a set of requirements for the vetting process by the Firearm Licensing Board in Kenya if they want to have the freedom of walking around with a gun.

The requirements include:
– Copy of Identification card -passport
-Certificate of good conduct from the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI)
-Psychiatric report from a government hospital Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Additionally,
– applicant must be of the age of 21 years and above, -well-trained in handling the firearm.
Despite meeting the above requirements, the firearms Act in Kenya prohibits civilians from owning guns used by security organs, for example, MP5, AK47, and G3.

The application process:

The application process is done in person.
To apply for the license:
-Visit the Kenya Firearms Bureau located at the Nairobi Area Station to apply for a firearm license. The Chief Licensing Officer will provide you with the prescribed application form for you to complete.
-Get a clearance with the CID
– Have your fingerprints taken and obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the DCI at the cost of Ksh. 1050
The process takes at least two weeks.
– Submit the duly filled application form
-Submit a duly filled form to the police station nearest to your residence, and attach an Identity card or passport copy Certificate of Good Conduct Physical and mental fitness certificate.
When reviewing the application Vetting of the application by the County Security Committee and District Security Intelligence Committee before approval or rejection is done. The Inspector-General of Police is responsible for the clearance of the application.
The names of those vetted and cleared for consideration to be licensed as firearm holders are forwarded to the Inspector General of Police, who has the final say to instruct the Chief Licensing Officer to clear the applicants. Then there is the Issuing of the firearm certificate/license.
Upon approval from the Inspector General, an applicant will become a holder of a gun license in Kenya. But it’s not always a sure bet that even after going through all this process of application one will get the license. There are a few reasons why the application would be rejected.
Among the common reasons why an application may be turned down include:
-If the applicant is insane
-If He or she is temperamental
-If He or she cannot handle or store the firearm safely.
That said, it is also worth noting that for a holder of a gun license in Kenya.
Even after owning a gun after a successful application, the request could be revoked.

Reasons why a gun licence can be revoked.
– Misusing a gun while drunk
– When one fails to renew their license
– Careless storage that may cause harm to the public
– When the holder removes the gun’s serial number
– When a holder is a threat to public safety.
A gun license in Kenya is granted under strict adherence to the Firearm Act in Kenya.
Since not every person gets the privilege to own a gun, one should be cautious when they get one.
These guidelines above will help you to become a licensed gun holder.
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Stanley Omondi speaks on his current Status with Crazy Kennar




Stanley Omondi, an uprising comedian who is well known for his funny skits, speaks for the first time about his relationship with Crazy Kennar after their alleged fallout.

Stanley Omondi

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Speaking in an interview with Spm Buzz’s journalist,Liz Jackson, Stanley confirmed that they are still friends with Kennar hinting that best friends grow separately.

“Best friends will grow separately without growing apart. We might not be talking every day, but the moment we do, it will be like we talked like one hour ago,” Stanley told Spm.

Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar has not yet talked about his current relationship with his previous coworkers after his current depression post, where he took a social media break and later bounced back to his comedy career without his previous team, leaving fans curious about what really happened between them that led to them embarking on their careers separately.

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1. Zuchu
This is a Tanzanian Artist Singer and songwriter, She is the leading of all the female in Africa with over 2.2 million Subscribers on YouTube and have been signed and worked under WCB label she is a great Inspiration to many.

She has performed in quite a number of Concerts and live shows that has greatly contributed to her Net worth is estimated over being 15 million.

This Nigerian Artist comes second in line of top artist in Africa.
Yemi Alade has over 17 million followers on Her Instagram page. Over 2.1 million Subscribers on her YouTube Channel.

Yemi Alade has released a number of tracks, and she is famously known for her hit song “Johnny”. Yemi has a song on YouTube that has surpassed over 300 million views, this tells you that this lady is not your middle age contestant.

Yemi Alade Net Worth is 500 Million. She is a boss of her own class and claims that she built it all up from the Ground, and she deserves every little bit of it.

Osinach Kalu Okoro Egbu whose stage name is Sinach, This is a Nigerian Gospel Artist that is 50 years of age is also among the top figures in Africa.

Sinach is the Hitmaker of the song Way maker that hit waves all over the world that was her escape to the outside world and gain so much attention and subscribers.

Sinach has 1.97 Million Subscribers on YouTube and counting. She also does write Inspirational Messages to people, that look to have reformed afterwards. She has already released 9 albums of pure Gospel music.

This is a Nigerian Gospel Artist and songwriter that’s 31 years of age.
She won Groove Awards, and is the only Woman that is making a lot of good money out of Music, as she is worth 200 million.

She has 1.46 Million subscribers in YouTube Page and is popular to have been one among the popular female artists in Nigeria.

This is a Nigerian Artist and songwriter that has been also competing very much to make a name for herself.

Her Music has been doing so good as it touches the current lifestyle situation that is happening.

She has 1.14Million Subscribers on Her YouTube Page and 15 million followers on her Instagram Page.

This is also Songwriter from Tanzania, 29 Years of Age she has been releasing tracks from early as from the year 2018 Recently she was heard more of considering the collaborations she did with the International Artists.

She has 1.11Million Subscribers on her YouTube Channel and on her Instagram page she stands at 6 million Followers.

This is a Nigerian Songwriter, whose now 34 Years of age.

The “Du duke” Hit maker lady shocked the world as her song was played all over and being used to make TikTok videos, it’s one of the songs that she had released in the year 2020 that made her name spread all over.

She has 887,000 Subscribers on her YouTube Channel and over 10 million followers on her Instagram Page.

This is a Kenyan Artist and Wife to Kevin Bahati. She Recently had passion for music having been a socialite initially but the motivation from her husband and friends made her be like… lemmie give it a try.

Her Self Confidence hard work and dedication to wanting to also be part of the Music Industry paid her greatly as she released a song with her Husband entitled “Sweet Love” that gave them over a million views and counting.

This motivated her, and she kept releasing bangers that people saw interest in and went on to support her, she now has 783,000. And 2 million followers on Instagram page.


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It’s pretty simple, there are a pile of things you can do that will generate Income for you all you need to do, is get the things that you have and put them out there, you can do this by opening a social media account do a brief introduction on what it’s about and what you would like to specify in as well as use your skills.

Here are a list of Things you Would do to Get Money:

1. Online Trading :
This implies making sales such as stocks, bonds and commodities through an Electronic Interface. One can make a good amount of money up to millions with investing in stock market at a very low price and create a fortune out of it, You can do this from the comfort of your home as it deals with the internet only.

2. Selling Photos:
This is also a good strategy of earning, all you need to do is open a page in social media and post some pictures of what you want to sell. As well as upload them on the third party websites. Licensing them each time you upload your photos, always license them so that whoever wants to take them buys them first, it’s kind of an agreement you make for some monetary benefits as well you can sell them to stock photos, make deals with magazines, working with the local businesses, Bloggers as well as you can take them to local events or even international if you can this optional tho because it involves going out.

3. Selling Used Books:
This also another way to get coins in your pocket, selling the books that may have been used is fine instead of throwing them away or using them to light up fire, consider selling them to help a soul out there be it Novels, Textbooks. Take pictures of them and decide on how much you want for them, upload them online on your page and people will reach out or head to Amazon websites and make a deal with these guys.

4. Sell Out Collectibles:
Collectibles is a general word that represent any item that is of value. If you have a lot of things that you don’t use like PS, Video Games, Shoes and other Vintage products and post them on your page, and you will get someone interested.

5. Creating a Blog Site and Other Social Media Accounts
Starting your own Page in writing articles can help you get money, as well as opening an Instagram, Facebook and TikTok page and concentrate in producing content and share your videos or rather images may take you far as it will help your page grow, and you will start earning.


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